1970 Plymouth Cuda for Sale: Info & History

The Plymouth Cuda is a true American classic. This vehicle is straight from the glory days of muscle cars. Throughout the 1960’s and early 70’s, the Plymouth Barracuda stacked up with the very best. It is a classic whose design and performance are just as impressive today as it was decades ago. With the Cuda, the Barracuda’s performance variant, drivers can experience pure driving thrills. Learn more about the 1970 Plymouth Cuda for sale at BJ Motors.

1970 Plymouth Cuda

Plymouth Cuda Origins and History

Tracing its roots back to the Plymouth Valiant, the Barracuda was designed as a sports variant. This was a response to the increased popularity of compact cars in the United States. Plymouth was in competition with the Ford Mustang, which would hit the market in 1964. Initially, the wildly popular Mustang outsold the Barracuda significantly. However, changes soon made the Barracuda a success.

Around this time, auto makers began fitting their sports cars with bulky engines with large displacements. With more power under the hood, the Barracuda saw sales jump. Soon, it was a legitimate competitor to the likes of the Mustang and brand-new Chevy Camaro. Plymouth began offering several different engine options. With this, the Barracuda began to distance itself from the Valiant, which was not known for its performance capability. Instead, the Barracuda earned a reputation as a leading American muscle car.

The Third Generation Plymouth Cuda

With the third generation, Plymouth began offering drivers even more options. In total, there were eight different engine packages. These ranged all the way from a 3.2-liter Slant-6 to a 440 cubic inch RB V8. Soon, the Cuda became a fixture on the racetrack and iconic on roads across the country. At this point, the Cuda was long removed from the original Plymouth Valiant which was still viewed as an economy car. In fact, it had the most powerful engine in its class at the time.

Many people to this day still don’t know the distinction between the Plymouth Barracuda and the Cuda. Although these models are related, they are not exactly the same. The ‘Cuda is a performance variant of the Barracuda introduced in 1969, one year before the model’s third generation. This next-generation, which started in 1970, saw significant design changes. Plymouth no longer offered a fastback version of the Barracuda, instead of producing a coupe and convertible options. It was now far more aerodynamic than its predecessors and resembled other top muscle cars of the era.

1970 Plymouth Cuda Purple Side view

E-Body Design

One main reason the third-generation Plymouth Cuda became so successful was its new E-Body design. Shared with the Dodge Challenger, the E-Body gave the car the look of a typical muscle car. Gone was the old, curved rear window which was expensive and odd for a sports vehicle. The old A-Body simply did not fit the model’s speed and power.

In contrast, the E-Body looked sleek and aggressive. It was now lower and wider, giving the Cuda even more performance feel. It was now clear that the Cuda was a car for performance enthusiasts. Quite simply, the car looked the part. That is what makes it popular to this day. The Plymouth Cuda perfectly captures the driving spirit of its time.

The Plymouth Cuda’s Lasting Legacy

Only a few years after the third generation’s introduction, the Plymouth was discontinued. Although the 1970 and 1971 models were praised and well-received, a few factors made it impractical to continue the line. Namely, new emissions standards and the 1973 gas shortage saw consumers turn away from gas-dependent vehicles. Plans for a 1975 were made, but the Barracuda was ultimately discontinued in 1974.

Today, many remember the Plymouth Cuda fondly. The car allowed for a sort of pure driving experience that is hard to find in newer cars. For many, this vehicle will always hold a significant place in the history of American muscle cars. It is a true representation of its era and still holds up today. Collectors who want a significant piece of history and a thrilling sports car should add a Cuda to their garage.

Sox and Martin Plymouth Cuda

Fully Restored 1970 Plymouth Cuda for Sale

Looking to drive the Plymouth Cuda for yourself? Our inventory at BJ Motors currently features a fully restored 1970 Plymouth Cuda. Experience a great condition drive that captures all the nostalgia of the early 1970s. This car gives drivers a pure experience on the road. There are no bells and whistles, just pure force and energy.

Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts, this rare vehicle is in fantastic condition. This Plymouth Cuda was restored in 2016 and comes with full documentation. Both the interior and exterior look new and it still drives great. Enquire today for more information.

Plymouth Cuda Features

This fully restored model comes with the 440 Six Pack V8. It is one of just 852 Plymouth Cudas to come fitted with that engine package. It also comes with a beautiful Plum Crazy paint job. The third generation Cuda was famous for its vibrant colors and this violet was among the most desirable.

Furthermore, this Cuda has a long list of additional features and options. It comes with the A 36 Performance Axle Package which includes 3.55 gears and a 26-inch radiator. The Cuda has a 3-speed automatic transmission too. Lastly, you will find a variety of great aesthetic and luxury features in the interior.

1970 Plymouth Cuda for Sale

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1970 Plymouth Cuda 440 Red