Buy Parts Online for Classic Muscle Cars

For the best place to buy spare parts for your classic muscle car, check out BJ Motor’s online shop. We carry a wide selection of classic auto parts for all makes and models. In addition, we offer nationwide shipping so you can get what you need without leaving home. We know how passionate classic car enthusiasts are about their vehicles. As a result, we provide the best customer service and the highest quality parts available. Visit our website today to browse our inventory.

Bj Motors’ Commitment To Classic Muscle Cars

BJ Motors is a boutique car dealership specializing in classic muscle cars. Founded by passionate car enthusiasts, BJ Motors has taken pride in providing expert service and a wide selection of classic cars to suit every budget and taste over 20 years. So whether you’re looking for the 1960s roarin’ V8 supercar or a 1975 muscle truck, you can count on the experts at BJ Motors to provide only the best quality and most reliable vehicles.

At BJ Motors, we believe that classic cars are more than just vehicles. They are works of automotive art representing the golden age of motoring. That’s why our team is dedicated to restoring these beautiful machines to the highest standards using only genuine parts and expert craftsmanship.

Benefits Of Buying Parts Online

With high technological advancements, online shopping and e-commerce have become new trends. From clothing to auto parts, e-commerce has taken everything under it due to its benefits. Some of the advantages of buying car parts online from trusted dealers are as follows,


With an online retailer like BJ Motors, you can easily find and purchase exactly what you need from your computer or mobile device, eliminating the need to visit multiple brick-and-mortar stores in person. Additionally, many online retailers offer a variety of payment options and shipping options, making it easy to get the parts you need quickly and affordably.

Expert Advice

BJ Motors offer expert advice on its products and services to help customers make informed decisions about their purchases. Whether you need recommendations on products or technical support for installation or maintenance issues, these experts can help answer all your questions and guide you through every step of the process.

Hassle-Free Returns

If you are uncomfortable with your purchase, you can get hassle-free returns at no extra cost. This means that if there is an issue with your order or if it doesn’t meet your expectations, returning it is simple and easy without any additional hassles or costs.

Clear Descriptions And Photos

When shopping for muscle car parts online, each product listing includes detailed descriptions and high-quality photos representing the part in question. This information helps you make informed decisions about which products are suitable for your needs, eliminating any guesswork on your part regarding compatibility and functionality.

Nationwide Shipping

Bj Motors understands the importance of getting your parts quickly and efficiently. That’s why we offer nationwide shipping services for our customers across the country. Whether you need new brake pads or an engine timing belt, our team has the expertise and technology to get your classic car auto parts to you promptly and reliably.

With strategic partnerships throughout the United States, we can provide fast, reliable service from coast to coast. In addition, with our full suite of shipping options for car parts and more, you can guarantee your needs will be met every time.

Products Available In Bj Motor’s Online Shop

BJ Motors is a popular online store that offers a wide range of products to suit all your driving needs. Some of our most popular product categories include:

Automotive Parts

We carry a wide range of classic car parts, including everything from brake pads and exhaust systems to alternators and air filters. We also offer 2008-2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 hood silencer pads, exhaust in GM LT1 style to fit the 2016-2019 Camaro SS 6.2L as well as Porsche side marker lights (pair) in true Porsche style and Porsche 911 GT3RS side mufflers (pair), authentic Chevrolet restoration parts, and Genuine OEM Porsche 911 GT3 RS side marker light pairs that are perfect for any vehicle.


Our selection of high-performance tires includes options for all vehicle types, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and more.

  • 19×13 or 18×11 Finnspeed Spyder wheels for Gen 5 Dodge Vipers with tires
  • OEM Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR wheels and tires
  • 5 21-inch HRE 941 wheels for 2008 Mercedes Benz CL65
  • Boze Pro Touring SL 20″ rear wheel for Dodge Viper
  • 19×10 or 19×9 2020 Toyota Supra wheels/rims for A90 MK5 Supra
  • OEM 21″ Mercedes-Benz G65 wheels from 2015-2018
  • 18″ Porsche 996 hollow spoke wheels 911 Turbo S X50 GT2

These are some of the current parts inventory of BJ motors.

Tools And Equipment

The online shop also carries a selection of handheld power tools and other specialty equipment to help make your maintenance tasks more accessible and efficient. From air compressors to impact wrenches to measuring devices and diagnostic scanners, we have just what you need for garage essentials.

How To Order Parts From Bj Motors’ Website?

When ordering parts from BJ Motors’ website, there are a few key steps to keep in mind,

  • To order parts from the BJ Motors website, you first need to select the type of part that you need and input your vehicle information.
  • Next, you will be directed to the payment and financing options page. Here, you can choose a payment method through a credit card or an online loan application.
  • Once your payment and financing details have been processed, click “submit” to complete your order and begin the shipping process. Delivery times may vary depending on the type of part you have ordered.
  • Contact customer support via email or phone for assistance during the ordering process. We are here to assist you with any issues you may have!

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BJ Motors should be your go-to destination if you’re looking for a one-stop shop committed to classic muscle cars. Not only does BJ Motors offer a wide variety of parts for sale, but they also make it easy to order the parts you need online. So next time you’re in the market for new parts for your classic muscle car, remember to check out our inventory.