Best Selection of Cars for Collectors in Texas

When it comes to collecting cars, Texas boasts a treasure trove of automotive wonders. The State, known for its vast landscapes and larger-than-life spirit, is also home to some of the most coveted and sought-after vehicles in the world. In this automotive paradise, collectors can discover a diverse and handpicked selection of classic, rare, and iconic automobiles at our dealership that tell the stories of automotive history. From vintage muscle cars to timeless classics, we offer a haven for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Our cars though old are made amazing by passionate maintenance and care. With low mileage and the best condition, these cars are handpicked for the best driving experience. So, explore the best selection of cars for collectors in the great state of Texas, where automotive dreams come true.

Chevrolet Camaro

The Chevrolet Camaro stands as a quintessential American muscle car celebrated for its commanding performance and timeless aesthetics. The collectible is available in various trims, notably the SSL89 and Resto Mod, catering to the discerning automotive enthusiast. Sporting a robust V8 engine coupled with a 4-speed transmission, the Camaro exudes unbridled power and delivers exhilarating acceleration, accompanied by its signature engine growl. Its striking design, powerful engine, and array of trims make it a cherished symbol of American automotive heritage and a thrilling ride for enthusiasts who appreciate both style and performance.

Specs that Attract

At our dealership, this collectible car has undergone significant enhancements, including the installation of a larger cam, ceramic-coated headers, a bespoke exhaust system, and the integration of the Holly Sniper Stealth EFI system. These modifications result in substantial gains in horsepower and torque, elevating its performance to an impressive level. It has a Vintage Air A/C system to keep you cool during Texas’s intense summers, and subframe connectors strengthen the car’s structural integrity. Together with the Polyglass Tires, the 15″ ZJ7 Rally Wheels provide the car with a unique look in addition to improved traction.

Chevrolet Corvette

The timeless Chevrolet Corvette stands out with its unique hatchback body design. Cloaked in a pristine white exterior and complemented by an equally elegant white interior, this vintage model exudes sophistication from every angle. Under the hood, it houses a formidable 5.7L V8 engine, producing a robust 245hp and an impressive 345ft. lbs. of torque. With Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and its iconic design, the Corvette strikes a harmonious balance between high-performance capabilities and timeless aesthetics, making it an enduring symbol of automotive excellence.

A Timeless Classic With Modern Amenities

The Chevrolet Corvette epitomizes a timeless classic, skillfully intertwining vintage allure with modern conveniences. It offers comfort-enhancing features, including the optional canvas soft top, heaters, and AM radios, elevating the overall driving experience. Notably, what sets it apart is its inclusion of both heaters and radios as standard, underscoring its commitment to passenger comfort.

The Corvette’s engineering prowess shines through in its well-crafted independent front suspension and the presence of a robust rear axle supported by longitudinal leaf springs, ensuring a poised and controlled ride. Coupled with the user-friendly Powerglide automatic transmission, the Corvette seamlessly delivers effortless driving dynamics.

This harmonious amalgamation of classic aesthetics and contemporary comforts makes the Corvette an adored choice among enthusiasts who cherish the perfect fusion of comfort and high-performance driving in a single, timeless package.

Dodge Viper

The classic Dodge Viper, renowned for its striking design and unrelenting power, offers a duo of alluring trims at our dealership: the RT/10 convertible and the GTS coupe. The GTS trim stands out with a vibrant red exterior paired with an eye-catching black interior, combining sportiness with sophistication. However, what truly defines the Viper is what lies under its hood—an awe-inspiring 8.0L V10 engine that commands attention, generating a remarkable 450 horsepower and an imposing 490 foot-pounds of torque.

But it’s not just about raw power; the car promises an exhilarating and immersive driving experience. Equipped with a manual transmission, it places the driver firmly in control, allowing for precise gear changes and an unfiltered connection with the road. Coupled with rear-wheel drive (RWD), the Viper ensures that every twist and turn in the journey is met with unmatched excitement and engagement.

The Dodge Viper isn’t merely a car; it’s a bold statement of automotive prowess where striking aesthetics meet unbridled power, making it a coveted choice for those who crave the thrill of the open road and appreciate the art of high-performance driving.

Beauty Inside Out

Within the Dodge Viper’s cabin, you’ll find innovative climate controls adorned with a distinctive “snowflake” icon, simplifying the process of adjusting the air conditioning settings for added convenience. The convertible model showcases a classic canvas roof, while the windows, crafted from vinyl and equipped with zippers, evoke a nostalgic touch. Inside, passengers are treated to manually adjustable leather-trimmed sport bucket seats, complete with lumbar support, ensuring optimal comfort even during spirited drives.

Entertainment is a given, thanks to the presence of an AM/FM stereo cassette player featuring a clock and a high-fidelity sound system. The Viper’s adjustable suspension, side exhaust pipes that contribute to its aggressive soundtrack, and a removable hardtop with a sliding glass window, which seamlessly combines performance and luxury in a single and harmonious package, further highlight its performance prowess.

Now is a Great Time to Buy

The holidays are the perfect time to purchase a collectible car, and our dealership offers exclusive budget-friendly options on some of the most iconic models. From the timeless Chevrolet Camaro to the classic Dodge Viper, our collection boasts an array of high-performance vehicles that cater to every enthusiast’s taste. With its blend of aesthetics, power, and modern amenities, each model promises an unparalleled driving experience, making it an ideal gift to yourself or a loved one during this festive season. So why wait? Visit our dealership and drive away with the car of your dreams today! Whether you’re looking for a timeless classic or a modern-day icon, our inventory has something for every automotive enthusiast. Don’t miss this opportunity to add a collectible car to your collection.