2012 Shelby GTS Red

Shelby Mustang GT Information

It is a car every driver knows. The Ford Mustang GT has a firm place among the best American muscle cars of all time. Today it is known for its speed, power, and performance. However, this was not the case at first. Not until Ford enlisted the help of Carrol Shelby to create the Shelby […]

Dodge Viper Racing

History of the Dodge Viper

Origins When Chrysler president Bob Lutz approached designer Tom Gale in 1988, he had a clear vision. Lutz wanted to make a sports car in the spirit of the famous Shelby Cobra. That meant no frills, no gimmicks, no distractions. Just speed and unrestrained driving. From this vision, the Dodge Viper was born. It was […]

BJ Motors Outside Building Shot

Customer Service

At BJ Motors, we put our customers first. We go above and beyond to help find people a new specialty, performance, or exotic car. To make sure you find a car you love, our staff will help throughout the entire process. From finding the right vehicle to financing, our friendly team will make sure to […]

BJ Motors 7:01

7:01 The Story of Viper’s Return to the Green Hell

The Ringers’ of Viper’s Return. Russ Oasis (Left) & Bernie Katz (Right) “I was personally involved in the record effort in 2011. I was personally involved in a bunch of the behind the scenes planning on this effort. I know how much work went into this. I am also a racing driver. I know that […]

BJ Motors Showroom

The Story of BJ Motors, Vipers and Track Records

Presented By BJ Motors When Bernie Katz first saw the Dodge Viper back in 1991, he was immediately in love. At the time, he was building up his own business, so he knew it wasn’t the time for him to buy one when they released in the near future. Years later, he found a new […]